We Love Seniors!

We know that you’re a better driver. You understand that driving a rental car is not an extreme sport
nor should it ever be. We know that you give driving your full attention – you are not talking on the
phone, texting, posting to social media, watching videos, playing “Candy Crush,” or fiddling with your
iPhone while you drive.
We know that you don’t drive as much – so why spend more on a rental car? Our senior customers tell
us that the rental car just sits in the condo parking lot and they hardly use it because they rarely go
anywhere except for short trips to the store or restaurant – and we see that on the odometer.

We know that you are a repeat visitor. Cayman is your special place that you keep coming back to.
Maybe you own a condo or a timeshare here. So we give you the best rates and best service to keep
coming back to us every time.We know that you stay for longer. You’re retired or you have more vacation time, so you are not in a
hurry to get back to the grind. So we try to make your rental car affordable for your longer visits.
And we know that you like the personal touch of renting a car from a local family owned business.
So, if you’re over 60 and this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have incredible
rates for seniors and it would be a pleasure to be a part of your next Cayman visit.

People believe in our services

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